_My Brilliant Friend_ The Uncomfortable Book One by the Anonymous Elena Ferrante

My Brilliant Friend: Book One: Childhood, Adolescence by Elena Ferrante. Translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. Europa editions. 2012 (27th printing, 2018). I have begun the great voyage into the mind of Italy‚Äôs most known and unknown writers, Elena Ferrante (her pen name). To say a few words about her anonymity. She was first […]

Coming of Age in an Age of Darkness: James Baldwin’s _Go Tell It on the Mountain_

If only we could read this book together. If only we could have a nation wide book read. If only we could think about the words we seem to use so easily today, words such as justice, equality, equity, fairness and truth. These words are in danger of having their meaning emptied and replaced with […]