Rita’s Corner: Coo, The Pigeon Girl

Book 3 Coo by Kaela Noel, 2020.

Coo starts with a girl, Coo (bet you thought that was a pigeon’s name), who has lived with pigeons her whole life. She lives on a roof in a Dovecote so she’s never been on the ground. It started when she was a baby and her parents abandoned her near a dovecote, her soon-to-be-favorite pigeon, Burr was the first to spot her and convince the other pigeons to fly/carry Coo to their dovecote.img_0989

They do that and that is the beginning of Coo’s story.

The pigeons have their own language, and they teach Coo the language of Pigeons, so that means Coo doesn’t understand the human language and the humans can’t understand her. When a hawk attacks the dovecote and Coo tries to scare it away the hawk breaks one of Burr’s wings. Coo is then told by the pigeons to bring Burr down to the Healer who has healed sick and hurt pigeons before. Remember, Coo has never been to the ground. . . there’s all sorts of things that she’s never seen before. So with the help of some pigeons she makes her way down to the ground to find the Healer. The Healer doesn’t understand what Coo is saying or why she is so skinny. The Healer takes Burr and promises to heal him but Coo can’t understand her. Confusing, am I right? The Healer’s name is Tully and she gives Coo some food (Doughnuts). Then Burr tells Coo to run back to the dovecote and stay there to be safe, so she does. Burr wants to make sure Coo doesn’t get hurt because he cares about her.

Back at the dovecote it doesn’t feel the same without Burr so New TikTik, another pigeon (there’s also an Old TikTik) tells her to go to the Healer to see if Burr is okay. She makes it back on the ground and sees Tully again and Tully takes Coo to her apartment. Inside, Coo sees Burr in a cage with a knit sling around his broken wing. Coo and Burr talk in pigeon then finally they both decide that she should stay because it was safest. And from that day forward Coo and Burr lived with Tully.

It wasn’t easy living with Tully. Coo learned how to live like a human but it had some challenges, like she couldn’t really speak in complete sentences and speaking made Coo very tired. She also didn’t know how to move like a human. (Ex: eat with forks and knives and she didn’t want/know to sleep in a bed) Soon Coo meets a girl named Aggie who lives in the apartment building. Aggie shows Coo how to do a bit of ballet and it also turns out that Aggie also likes pigeons! But soon after Coo becomes sick. It was bad luck to be sick in the dovecote and when Coo was sick only Burr cared for her, no pigeon else because the sick birds also were thought of as bad luck and burdens.  Only Coo cared after the sick pigeons. But things are different with Tully. Tully takes care of her by giving her medicine and helping her. That makes Coo trust her more.

Then Coo meets Lucia, a social worker, who to Coo seems mean. Mostly because Lucia is wearing cat earrings and cats eat pigeons.

Coo soon learns that something is happening to the pigeons. Roohoo, a grumpy pigeon in her flock that seems to not like her for some weird reason, tells her that pigeon flocks have been dying because of the humans. Then it turns out that her flock gets poisoned but lucky for them Coo saves them! (Go Coo!) You wanna know who poisoned the pigeons? Well read the book! Nah, just kidding it was the mayor and 2 of his minions feeding the pigeons poison seed. (I still suggest reading the book though…) Coo wants to do something about this but Tully tells her that “Pigeons aren’t usually counted, at least not for good reasons” (p.238), which breaks Coo’s heart.

Days have past and Coo’s flock is ready to finally return to the dovecote. And after they deliver the pigeons back to the roof Coo decides that she is going to take the pigeons to the forest to live away from the humans that harmed them. But something happens before Coo gets to put her plan in place (she still does it but shh no spoilers at least not yet!)

After Coo meets Tully

The mayor’s minions called the police on Tully to take away Coo but Coo runs. For Coo this is a big threat knowing that she was abandoned and the only place she can go to is the dovecote, but a lot of people know so it’s not really that safe but she does run to the dovecote and asks the pigeons to carry her to the forest were they can be free of humans and their poison. They agree to do it and they lift Coo in the air! Coo’s biggest dream has finally come true! (it’s flying by the way)

But suddenly something happens and Coo tumbles down down down into a tree branch and breaks her leg. Help comes to save her and she’s taken to a hospital were they don’t tell her anything about what happened at her home or what happened to the pigeons. Finally Tully comes to pick her up and there is much crying. Coo is finally able to go back home!!  When they come home there is a big surprise waiting for her… (read the book to find out!).

img_0987(message from the reviewer) I would recommend this book to fellow young readers or just any reader who is looking for a book about pigeons, flying and an adventure. I had a lot of fun reading this book and I think it was very good! You should read it! (yes you, person who is reading this review)! It sometimes has a funny line put here and there which makes you like the book! But it does have some meaningful things like the fact that people don’t count the pigeons, so being a person who likes doves (a relative to the pigeons) and Rock pigeons ,who live in the city, I agree that they should be counted. It also sometimes leaves you on a cliffhanger for the end of a chapter which makes you want to read the next chapter, then the next, then the next! So I did really like this book! –Rita the reviewer

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