About Me

I live in New York (remember it’s a big state), but I’m not a New Yorker. I actually grew up in NJ  (I don’t quite remember the exit!), and if you do not know NJ you should travel there; it’s better than its exits.  

I read what interests me. I’m not one to read anything and everything. I only write about the books that make an impression on me. A good book should assist in setting a person on the right path. So, no, not all books are equal. I started this blog to keep a record of my books and to get me to think about why a book made me stop and think or laugh or cry.

The books I read say the most about who I am. 

The books I read tell me who I am.

I am the books I read.

I read who I am.

I read.

I am.

If you have stopped by to read, thank you.  If you have a book recommendation, I would certainly be appreciative.

Peace to you.