About Me

I live in New York, but I’m not a New Yorker. I actually grew up in NJ — Jersey (I don’t quite remember the exit!), and if you do not know NJ you should try it; it’s better than its exits.  

The books I read say the most about who I am. 

I tend to read what falls into my hands, and by that I mean from someone recommending a book to discovering a book on a library shelf or bookstore while browsing. I do tend to find a subject of interest or fall for an author so my reading is not as random as running my fingers over a shelf filled with books. I do tend to hover over spiritual, philosophy, nature and fiction sections. I love poetry but have not come up with a good way of writing about it. 

I take the photographs.

Thank you for reading. If you have any good book recommendations, please send them my way.  

Peace to you!

Lisa M. Nolan