Reading and “I Read This Book…” Blog


For the longest time I thought reading was the easy way out — a not so active way to pursue a life of not so much living.  An excuse to sit around and passively let life go by. My analogy would have gone something like, writing is to speaking as books are to listening. Then one day I realized that listening takes a lot of work when you are not just waiting for your turn to speak. To listen deeply to another’s voice is active work. Not only that for it is sacred work too.  Listening has absolutely nothing to do with being passive at all, and neither does reading!

(As I have worked to listen instead of wait for my turn, I see that sometimes speaking can be a way to pursue the easy way out, and therefore, a life of not so much living.)

And so this blog is about books as much as it is about me and about learning how to do the sacred work of listening to words and to what they do to me.

If you happen to find yourself on my blog,

may you listen with the “ears of your heart” — as St. Benedict writes in the Rule,

and if you wish to say something,

then please do.


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