MY MOON SELF: a spiritual memoir through poetry by Philomena Moriarty

As I flipped through the pages of My Moon Self I glimpsed traces of my own spiritual journey, beginning with Catholicism and leading straight to Buddhism. ¬†Although I decided to return to Catholicism, the author, Philomena Moriarty, clearly did not make any returns to one or the other, but rather works with poetry as a […]

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

I first heard of Edward Abbey when reading Belden Lane’s, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes. When I did a quick google search I was interested in his reputation as a sort of fierce individual, who is is linked to an approach to environmentalism that is often visceral, but supported by intellect. I selected Desert Solitaire because […]

The Solace of Fierce Landscapes by Belden C. Lane

I recently read, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes: Exploring Desert and Mountain Spirituality (1998) by Belden C. Lane. I picked it up because I was attracted to the words desert and spirituality. The first paragraph of the introduction was enough for me to gamble on the purchase (I confess this was a purchase at a […]