Coming of Age in an Age of Darkness: James Baldwin’s _Go Tell It on the Mountain_

If only we could read this book together. If only we could have a nation wide book read. If only we could think about the words we seem to use so easily today, words such as justice, equality, equity, fairness and truth. These words are in danger of having their meaning emptied and replaced with [...]

Is Man “the beast that cannot learn?”: Loren Eiseley’s The Unexpected Universe

"A Harvest/HBJ Book" 1969. "What is it that we are a part of that we do not see, as the spider was not gifted to discern my face, or my little probe into her world?"page 54 Unless one writes works of fiction, most books are a collection of essays held loosely together by an intention [...]

What do we expect from a sermon? Frederick Buechner’s, Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons

Secrets in the Dark: A Life in Sermons by Frederick Buechner. Harper Collins publishers, New York, 2006.   This is a book you might not want to read, especially if you attend mass and feel the sermons are not all they ought to be. When I began to read each sermon by Buechner I kept thinking [...]

Does St. Benedict’s Rule have anything to offer us today? Esther de Waal’s, A Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict

Esther de Waal, A Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict, The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, Minnesota, 1995. The Rule of St.Benedict is a tiny little book, no more than 100 pages; filled with rules for monastic life. The rules outline everything from the seemingly mundane, for example, the amount of food given [...]