On Thoreau and His Reading

¬† Robert D. Richardson Jr.'s, Thoreau: A Life of the Mind¬† (1987), is an thoroughly researched and amazingly rich biography of the man who, for many, is mainly known as living a semi-solitary two years on property owned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walden pond, and offering up, as a product of this living experiment, the… Continue reading On Thoreau and His Reading

Part I: The Way of Simone Weil: _Waiting For God_(The Letters)

This Easter I was praying at home -- typically I would be traveling back and forth to church during the Triduum, starting with the foot washing on Holy Thursday and ending with the Saturday vigil. I would be singing, sitting still, looking around to see who I knew and trying to maintain a sense of… Continue reading Part I: The Way of Simone Weil: _Waiting For God_(The Letters)