The End of Romanticism: THE COURSE OF LOVE by Alain de Botton

I came across Alain de Botton at [Side Bar: I have decided listening to Krista Tippett interviews is healthier and more helpful — not just for my sanity but for thoughtful engagement with the world — than seeking out news. It is not that I want to remain ignorant or live in my own little world; […]

The Courage to Evolve: The Portable JUNG, edited by Joseph Campbell

When I took this book out of the library I did not intend to read the entire collection. There were some articles that intrigued me: “The Stages of Life”; The Spiritual Problem of Man”; and “On Synchronicity.” Joseph Campbell’s introduction, however, seemed to suggest that I ought to dare and read it from cover to […]

Joseph Campbell: MYTHS TO LIVE BY

This book was first published in 1972 (copyright 1972 also). I’m still amazed that I must say 40 years ago or more when I talk of the 70’s!  When I think about the material and topics covered by Joseph Campbell — in general and in this book specifically — I often wonder what happened?  Here […]